Specforce Alpha Review

So, you have finally decided to train on the relief, and begin any exercise Specforce Alpha Review you need by making a training program nolimitly. The training program on the relief should include the following elements:

Aerobic activity

Power load

Aerobic exercise - is jogging, brisk walking, stationary bike, swimming, etc. To maximize the impact of aerobic training is necessary to observe a number of recommendations:

Relief of muscle

Aerobic exercise should be performed at least 3 times a week. The best time for aerobic exercise this morning. This is due to a high level of metabolism in the morning, which will contribute to a more powerful fat burning effect The duration of aerobic exercise should be within 60 minutes - this is the optimal time, but not less than 30 minutes. Here is the rule - the longer the exercise, the more fat you burn, but do not overdo it. Do not take food 2 hours before and after aerobic exercise.

In order to maximally preserve the muscles, take 0.5 servings of protein for 1 hour before and after exercise. You can also immediately before and immediately after a workout to take a portion of BCAA amino acids or complex. For relief of muscle you need to keep the heart rate during a workout within 120 beats per minute. Grow your training intensity gradually, not immediately load dramatically unprepared body. You can also try to train in the wave-like mode, ie every 10 minutes to raise and lower the intensity of aerobic exercise